As a business owner you will know the importance of your accounts and how important it is to ensure they are correct as they will be a reflection of your company if your accounts are requested by external companies such as; HM Revenue & Customs or your bank. Contrary to many people’s assumptions of what an accountant does, accountancy when done properly and professionally isn’t just bookkeeping. A competent accountant will also help you with other areas of your business such as; PAYE, Self-assessment and VAT.

A Good Accountant Saves You Money

You may be more than happy to look after your own books however please remember that an accountant has the skills and expertise due to the full qualification they undertook. This should mean that they may be able to improve your accounts in ways that you may not know about resulting in the possibility of you paying less tax than you are currently. As well as the possibility of paying less tax, having your own accountant can also help save money in other areas by helping you with things such as budgeting and forecasting.

Saving You Time

As well as the above benefits, another huge benefit we find our clients enjoy is how much time can be saved. Depending on the nature and profitability of your business, looking after the accountancy side can consume hours and hours of your time when you could be using that time to focus on other aspects of your business such as; your clients, your products and so on… The tagline for our business is, ‘You build your business whilst we build your wealth’. It truly is as simple as that, if you decide to hire an accountant then you will find that the time-saving reason alone is more than enough of a reason.

Helping You Towards Financial Success

We sincerely want the best financial success for any client we work with and do our utmost to save you money, make sure you are following the important laws and legislations as well as make sure your accounts are accurate. The accuracy of your accounts is one of the most important things as far as we are concerned, not only will it help give an accurate account of your business’ financial performance which will allow you to make improvements you may not have known needed to happen, it will also ensure that you don’t incur any hefty fines or penalties for providing incorrect information to the external parties requesting it. Is it worth the risk when there are so many other benefits to using an accountant for your business and profitability?

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